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The Pop Parlour

Alton Towers Promotion

Project Overview

Quite a challenge! We had 3 weeks to produce 3 vehicles for a promotional video shoot for Alton Towers. We first produced artwork for approval based on a Mini for CBeebies, a Nissan Cube for Postman Pat and a Citroen Nemo van for Octonauts. The mini was fairly straight forward requiring mainly a vinyl wrap, however we had to re-shape the Nissan and then make moulds of the modified front and rear to make these parts in fibreglass. We also moulded and made the propeller, portholes, and fins etc for Octonauts and painted both cars to the exact colours of the cartoons.

Janet Gurr, Hotel Director at Alton Towers Resort, said, “We wanted to find the most exciting way for young children to start their adventure at the CBeebies Land Hotel and there can’t be much more exhilarating for a little one than travelling to Alton Towers Resort in Postman Pat’s van, an Octonauts submarine or a specially designed Bugbies car!

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