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Rewako Trike – Audio and Airbrushing

Project Overview

The customer of this trike, “Baby Jess” named after his dog, wanted us to polish up the chrome and airbrush some small areas including the side vents where he wanted the name Baby Jess on the side in a high metallic colour.
After showing him that we can do custom audio work, he decided to upgrade his speaker system and built a false floor to hide the new amplifier and subwoofer. We also found a cool gadget from the Pyle cycle range that enables him to plug a flash drive in with his favourite music, controlled by a small keypad that we installed in the ‘false’ tank underneath his gauges.
We re-trimmed his boot to match the original carpet and painted the underneath of the boot lid red (originally white). Then the idea came to airbrush a portrait of his dog on the underside of the boot lid – the ultimate finishing touch! The result was a complete transformation and the customer was very pleased with the work we carried out.

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