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Sexy Fish London Project

Turn a vehicle into a sexy fish to promote the brand.

Project Overview

We were asked by Banana Split an internationally renowned Event organising company, to help them bring their customers idea to life, creating a road worthy Fish to promote the restaurant Sexyfish, in London.

Using CAD modelling we were able to determine that a Renault Twizzy would be the most suitable base car and designed the fish body around this After the 3D modelling of the fish body was done, we sent the files to Bakers Patterns, who milled it on their 5 Axis CNC machine in 35 kg foam.

We then stuck 1800 scales to the foam, in an assortment of sizes.  When this was finished we prepared all the parts ready for moulding. Once we had made all the fibreglass parts for the body we test fitted it to the car using a metal frame work with mounting points that we had designed to include mounting points to support the fish body.

Once we were happy with the fit, we finalised the prep work and primed  then painted it white. Gold pearl and tangerine pearl were applied with a fade from front to back with some highlights in snow white pearl, to which we also added some rainbow flake in the lacquer to give the body a little bit of sparkle. We also painted the lips in a electro conductive paint to which we wired a sound effects mother board. We applied red lipstick over the lips to give them a realistic look. So when the lips are touched (or kissed!) Sexyfish tells you how happy she is!

We fabricated supports for the fins and tail and then trimmed them in a ‘fishy’ material. The top fin and tail can be easily lowered to ensure she can swim into her underground car park home. We finished off with a full audio and PA system.

The car is now doing a promotional route around London and Berkley square where the Sexyfish restaurant is located.


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