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War Helmet – Airbrush Artwork

Project Overview

I was asked by a customer if I could airbrush his flight helmet to look like it had been through a war zone, with bullet holes, smoke damage, pretty much make it look dirty.
The customer also wanted some loose references added in, like a stripe around the helmet to represent the art work on the famous James Bond Gyrocopter “Little Nellie”, and other details that were personal to him.
The process was relatively easy I stripped the helmet down to a bare shell, repaired certain areas, the got it into base coat, we used 2 types of metalic silver for the base coat, once that was done it was time to add the war look I used everything I could find in our paintshop, including a toothbrush ,still not sure how it got there but it worked great for the hard scratches, I then airbrushed in the shading and weathering look, including some bullets and a couple of stickers.

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